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Bases? Borders?

Smallpox vs. largepox, early war vs. peaceful alliances... the AI is too tame? Discuss the best strategies!

Bases? Borders?

Postby morphles » Thu Aug 01, 2013 8:53 pm

Not too related questions.

Do bases, like fortresses, buoys, airbases see any use in human games? They seem to be of very very marginal use (with the possible exception of buoy), since it seems smallpoxing is still considerably better option than largepoxing, and it seems like building a city is always better and faster option.

And what is your preferred setting for borders? From latest game it seems it's the default. And the default seems to be underwhelming, not too logical, and of little use. It seems that only thing that boarders do is "_magically_" prevent unit entry (magically since in really nobody would see them so...), and maybe very weakly affects who can work tiles if two opposing sides can work same fields, though it seems that revers is more of a case - who is working the tile, is the owner of the tile. I personally like the last option, where you get vision in borders (as in civ 3) since it give some purpose for them. Ah one more thing, it seems borders prevent city building within them for other players, which is a bit weird for players at war.
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