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Freeciv "scenario" generator

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Freeciv "scenario" generator

Postby morphles » Thu Oct 23, 2014 9:55 pm

Some time ago I promised to show something interesting to Nimrod, I said in a couple of weeks, well about that much time has passed. And while it is not even close to what it should be, maybe showing it to other people and getting feedback will ensure that motivation does not wane :) Though I'll not rush with it, as I'm spending some time on program which this is based one. So I present you, JavaScript based Freeciv "scenario" (really it just map, mostly height map, for now) generator / editor (not there at all for now, and plans only for "editing" what was generated"): (link to live program at the bottom)

For now it's just press calculate and then press download to download scenario/sav file. Uses L-Systems as described in readme.

There as hope to use it for GT in a future. Though adding more "flavours" (heightmap generating L-Systems/rulesets), and other features will probably be needed, but I see lots of nice possibilities. So thats it for now :)
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