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Totally Random Gaming LOLz

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Totally Random Gaming LOLz

Postby Major Nimrod » Thu Jul 25, 2013 8:16 pm

So, got some random funny stuff you'd like to share with this ever growing community of freeciv addicts?

Why not post them here! Let's keep the theme on "Gaming" in general. But not restricted to freeciv, per se, so the scope widens up a bit.

Here's something from my Battlefield 1942 clan page (Pixel Fighter Clan), where I've been a member for years. I also game there with the Nimrod moniker, for anyone that wants to join up some time.


I tried to embedd the Youtube version of this gif (which has sound, so it's even funnier) but I couldn't get the code to work. So instead, here's the link... check it out and prepare to LOL !

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