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[morphles game]Final announcement/invitation

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[morphles game]Final announcement/invitation

Postby morphles » Mon May 18, 2015 9:26 pm

As mentioned in other posts start date is set to be May 25ish (probably +-12 hours, and likely first turn might be 2 or 3 days), so this is is last period to request participation. Again if you want to participate send me private message. So far participation is very low, me, Corbeau, Evan (we tested mini game) additionally el_perdedor requested participation, and thats so far it, though I'll send private message to Lord_p since IIRC he said he would play. But I hope some other people send me mesages, as 5 players is very tiny game, though it was my minimum so I would still run it.

In any case additional summary of setup:
To not repeat too much, here is entry posted in ruleset readme:
Most important things are described there.
Additional notes:
game will be low on special (15), and in moderately unfriendly terrain (temperature 100) also all temperate map, with random (not fractal!) generator.
Additionally as unit movement is increased, so is work cost for all task, so workers will not work much faster than in unmodified rule-set. But you will start with 4 workers and 3 settlers so thats not too bad ;)

Notes for players that might be coming from LT (34 in particular), by Evan, what he observed in test game (viewtopic.php?f=119&t=1129&start=10#p5682):
Tech Penalty for changing tech is 100%. (LT34 = 0%, but other LT games have had it on)
Archers don't ignore ZOC, and have 3/1/2 (cf. LT 3/2/3)
Diplomats cost 20, and spies cost 50. (in LT34 both are 30)
Diplchance (chance for diplomats to succeed)= 80, LT34 = 40
Tired attack is off. In LT34 it was on.
You need a manufacturing plant to build two slots. (LT34=3 already, and 4 with plant)
Upgrade/autoupgrade veteran_loss = 1 veteran level lost when upgrading a unit (LT34=0) I think I read on the wiki that this is something new with the 2.5 version.
Hills=4MP; Jungle, Swamp and Forest =2MP (LT34 = 4MP for all of them)
Immediate free tech is cheapest/earliest, not next in tech goal queue.
Citymindist = 3 (cf.LT=5)
Standard freeciv city tile size (radius_sq_city=5) (cf. LT=15)
Triemes can use rivers. (LT34 no)

Most of it is straight defaults from Freeciv 2.5 civ2civ3 ruleset.

But in any case I suggest you review game settings and help when game starts or if you start test game using linked ruleset. I know I always did through check of rule-set when playing GT. Likely you do not need to dive into rule-set files themselves as I believe I have updated help pretty well, though it is always hard to be sure about such things.

Lastly very important thing is, there will be additional unconventional win condition:
Player who builds 3 (or maybe 4 depending on number of players and what Corbeau decides) wonders, and keeps them for 7 turns, wins.
This will require some cooperation of players. First as it is quite nasty to implement automatic tracking for this it will be done manually by Corbeau (it is quite simple to view travelers report). Though things can be missed, so I encourage anyone who builds 3 wonders to announce it or it will not be tracked (I hope if Corbeau sees that someone has 3 wonders he will announce it too, though I believe others will be able to track that quite well themselves too). Similar if someone takes city with one wonder that belong to "wonder victory contender" he should announce it too.

Such additional win condition, that is attainable quite early should spice and live game quite significantly. I hope effect will be similar to havannahs ring win condition (for those that know this wonderful board game), game is very rarely won by that condition, but shapes the game-play very strongly. I hope we will have wonder leaders, then people pounding on them, possibly with them loosing techs due to tech upkeep and in general creating fun game and experience!
Oh also no allied victory! :twisted:

Again all welcome, and please register by sending priv msg to me.
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My attempt at a supplemental rules intro

Postby Evan » Wed May 20, 2015 2:23 am

I'll edit here.

(Morphles, can you list the playing players, ongoing-updated-edited, so we don't hassle them when they've already signed up, or signaled their intention not to play this one?)

Marketplace=60, upkeep=0, effect 50%
City Walls =30, upkeep=0

Barracks don't require Warrior Code like in LT.

The amphibious ability of units is the same, but described differently. In fact, the 2.5 in-game help is quite updated. It's much better. In some cases it simply gives a better description. But in others the terminology is different. For example, rather than say a certain units can attack from the sea, it will say it can attack from non-native tiles.

Trade is disabled. I can't find it in the ruleset or server, but anyway, it doesn't work.

Tech, gold and city trading are all enabled, without penalty.

I'm hesitant to give a run down of the tech-upkeep. To me it seems somehow prescriptive. There will be different strategies in this game - there always is. But I think I can say that it will be difficult to change strategies. So the more information the players have, the better informed the decisions will be as to which strategy they choose. And therefore the better the game.

One city: 1 tech = 0 upkeep, 2techs =1upkeep, 3=1, 4=2, 5=3
Two cities: 1=1, 2=2, 3=3, 4=4
Three cities: 1=1, 2=3, 3=5, 4=7, 5=9, 6=10, 7=12, 8=14, 9=16

So as you can see, the general pattern is 1 or 2 upkeep per city per tech.

In LT34 Caravans have a limited 3 turns lifetime. I don't think that is the case for this game.

This game will not have the LT Small Wonders.

The 2.5 ruleset says that lost tech won't be one which is a root-tech for another tech the player has. I think we discussed this in the trial-game chat, but I don't remember.

Cities on rivers don't provide bridges.

But most of all I enjoyed moving the Triremes up and down the rivers. I could do that all day.
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Re: [morphles game]Final announcement/invitaion

Postby CedricD » Wed May 20, 2015 3:43 pm

Evan, please, let me know when game will start...
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Re: [morphles game]Final announcement/invitation

Postby dfroger » Thu May 21, 2015 7:16 pm


In the, I don't understand this:

It is very important to be left with many techs (~8) at the start of the game and not have writing, thus being unable to build libraries to boost your research.

Can you explain me? Thanks!

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Re: [morphles game]Final announcement/invitation

Postby Corbeau » Thu May 21, 2015 8:27 pm

I'm fine with the same password, thanks ;)
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Re: [morphles game]Final announcement/invitation

Postby morphles » Thu May 21, 2015 9:44 pm

hm dfroger, I missed a word there, it is important to not be left with many techs (~8) and be left without writing/libraries. As it will be very hard to get writing then, as tech upkeep will eat all your research budget if you do not have research buildings.

@evan there are some more requests for registration :) I'm lazy to list them
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Re: [morphles game]Final announcement/invitation

Postby morphles » Sat May 23, 2015 9:38 pm

Wanted to report that I finally wrote "map analyzer", that is mini program to check that on generated map all players start on same continent. So basically everything is close to fully ready:) it seems we gonna have 9 or 10 players. I'll probably post code for my "analyzer" some time after start when I'm not lazy. Writing it I even got and ideas about kinda "game review/replay" viewer that I might write, so that people could review games online, well to some extent at least, maybe just cities for starters. Could be used on older games too. Will see if I get around to that/have enough interested to work on something like that. grime could then maybe host it and allow access to old saves if he still has them. And after this game it could be used too. Well enough fantasizing :)
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Re: [morphles game]Final announcement/invitation

Postby Evan » Mon May 25, 2015 4:18 am

I'm fine using the same login password as the mini-game.
That's good to hear that's there enough players now.
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Re: [morphles game]Final announcement/invitation

Postby thegrime » Thu May 28, 2015 3:07 am

I do have the saves from the in-progress GT games and would be happy to host any code you've got.
--= the Grime =--

That is all.
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Re: [morphles game]Final announcement/invitation

Postby morphles » Thu May 28, 2015 7:06 am

Well for now I have none, apart from that "check if all players are on same continent" nodejs script. Which is not usefull unless starting the game. But as I was writing it I though that save format is rather friendly (cause text FTW!!!), and it would be quite simple to do all kinds of neat things. So I might do it. Though just before start my motivition for hosting was super low and close to the point where I considered abandoning hosting. But with final anouncement and start of game it got better :). So I might still try to "massage" something out from saves, though I have many other things I want to do besides that, so don't count much on that:). Currently Deus Ex is taking my time.
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