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Realism Mod

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Realism Mod

Postby Le Bashar » Wed Mar 10, 2010 9:30 am

Thank you for feedback [img]images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img]

Sorry for spelling mistakes, I have do it fast. Easy for me to use french picture name (easy to track and sure don't conflict with older) but while I have don't work to translate new unit name, there is many mistakes and many unit description are wrong also.

I have use somes old graphic resource I have whith my old civ2, so it is the reason why improvement picture are so small ^_^

There is two way to develop civ in early age :
- monarchy for easiest "many small city civ" empire
- republic for "few big city" empire
Two way can do war, but republic is not good with too small cities

After, you've got new kind of gouvernement. I haven't got realy work about their properties but I think I will modify them (no corruption under republic or democraty ? well, it is not the main property I should give to them, personally. no research under fundamentalism ? not very historicaly accurate also ... ).
What I want to do is differentiate government not like civ2 : first and last, last better in everything. But give all of them there advantage and disadvantage, while it is often the geographical's property of your empire will define which is the best : few big cities, many small, war with everyone or trades relations, etc.

I still work about wonders. maybe I will do same as rewonder pack and make them all "smallwonder", because I don't found anything for justify why a civilization could built one and an another shouldn't. But I will pursue the way of make wonder linked to political choices. No more you should build all wonder, but choose those which are the most usefull for your of empire.

I have not modified the timeline yet, but I think I will do. With my mod there is no more reason to still use a non-linear timeline.

Can you tell me your feedback about unit's statistics ? are they well balance ? are someone useless ?

For the unit's bug, I think it is because yours files has the old terrain file unmoded, and new class are not include in any terrain type. I give here the new version, but I have modified all terrain production, and for now they produce too much, and pollution is too hard to prevent.

Please tell me all which can help me too balance the mod
Le Bashar

Realism Mod

Postby heilkitty » Fri Mar 12, 2010 7:46 am

1. Missile launcher attack is 6, maybe you meant 16?
2. Cyborg has no paratroopers_range etc, so it can't be paradropped.
3. Some "blind end" techs (e.g. Naval Warfare - I could just skip it). It's very nostalgic, it reminds me of civ1, when I researched Horseback Riding in the end, however it's unnatural.
4. Trench Warfare (allows Alpine Troops) depends on Conscription (allows Riflemen), but Alpine Troops are obsoleted by Riflemen.
5. Wish: transport jets.
6. Wish: zeppelins.
7. Wish: national guard ("quick and dirty" infantry).

Realism Mod

Postby Le Bashar » Sat Mar 13, 2010 7:59 am

1- > not, this unit is a missile transport, and has not a high power itself. If I give high attack, we forgot the high range, so I think this is better solution. Without missile, au missile launcher is notinhg more than an armored car. Use this to carry short range strike missile.
2 -> it a bug, corrected
3 -> yes, I think there is some discovery are not a step for another. I want to make more but while all units are not parameterizable (like civevo's for exemple) I must still do a linear tech tree.
4 -> it a bug, corrected. alpine troop obsoleted by half_track (scouting)
5 -> you would to say unit for air transport unit like hyper-speed cargo ? I don't think to do that but I will try. But I can't seriously make a aircraft for transport more than 2 unit, and on a small distance only (the huge transport plane can hold 2 MBT only ...)
6 -> if I found a good picture, maybe, but it ins't really a essential unit (more impressive than effective, not ? ) (ps : I have add zeppelin )
7 -> Can you explain more this idea ? property of this unit which make it different of infantery. And for which era ?

corrected version :
Le Bashar

Realism Mod

Postby heilkitty » Tue Mar 16, 2010 9:33 am

1. I just think that SPG (i.e. "Cannon Auto") would be more useful than Missile Launcher, because Strike Missiles are rather expensive, but can be used only one time. Maybe more correct would be to make some short-ranged "Multiple Rocket Launching System" obsoleting Cannon Auto, and Missile Launcher would be strategic-only weapon without any attack at all, but with ability to carry powerful rockets really fast via railroads.
6. Bug: Zeppelin could never be built, it's obsoleted by Fighter even before you could Airport.
7. Nevermind, Marines serve this purpose (infantery unit cheaper than Mech. Inf).

Realism Mod

Postby Le Bashar » Wed Mar 17, 2010 1:44 am

Ok, I understand, but I think it is really realistic the missiles cost more than canon-like technologies. But for better use I have down the cost of the missile launcher to 60, so with 4 strike missile at cost of 50, it will be cost 260 to have the power of shoot four tarjet without pain. But for 200 shield, we could build a MBT which can strike more often (but at c&c, so with damages).

zep bug corrected, I have forgot to delete the imp req line ...

I will post the corrected files as soon as I have finish terrain modifications
Le Bashar


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