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Internet Metaserver list empty

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Internet Metaserver list empty

Postby dave-freeciv » Sun Feb 05, 2012 10:03 am

I have posted this in the online gaming forum too, because it is both tech support, and online gaming. And I'd like to get help from the free civ developers at the tech support forum. Or other players at the online gaming forum. I don't think people will check in both forums, so I am posting in both to try and get help as soon as possible. I hope you understand that. Thanks.

Hi guys. I was playing a game on davide's server, and exited.

Previously there had been several other servers in the list including davids. But after exiting, and quitting freeciv. And then restarting freeciv just a few minutes later. Then the Internet metaserver list was empty.

I have tried refreshing the list. And I have quit freeciv and restarted it again, several times. I have restarted my computer, and tried freeciv again. And I have uninstalled freeciv (2.3) and installed freeciv 2.3.1

After all of this the server list is still empty.

Are these the correct settings?

Host: localhost
Port: 5556

Login: is my name

After pressing enter on localhost. It gives the message at the bottom of the screen saying "The operation was completed successfully".

So it seems localhost is the correct setting.

I have tried the other two or three meta servers mentioned here in other topics. The others all gave the message "connection failed".

I also visited the url:

When i visit this url, I see the server list with the servers including davide's and others, as I usually see them.

But I still see nothing in my freeciv program's "Internet metaserver" list.

Does anyone know what I can do? Or has the same problem? Or knows what the problem is?

I had been playing just a few minutes before. And then a few minutes later the list was empty. So i don't know what the cause of this can be.

Most people are not even aware of this forum, and I only found it now, but after first looking at the little forum at the wiki. So I think if anyone else has this problem they just might not be able to ever play the internet games again, and might have to give up on it. So we might lose some players if I am not the only one with this problem.



Internet Metaserver list empty

Postby dave-freeciv » Sun Feb 05, 2012 4:23 pm

Issue was resolved in the other copy of the topic.
Read there to see Cazfi's posts.

Hi Cazfi. Good news. It is working now. And i have the list showing as normal for me.

Thank you for both for your help.

Have a great week.

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