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Sketched costs for selling Freeciv

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Sketched costs for selling Freeciv

Postby Davide » Tue Aug 14, 2012 4:02 am

Please, don't tell me anymore I sell Freeciv for profit.
To sell Freeciv, currently I have these costs:

  • Manufactured & Printed CDs, total cost per CD, including SIAE: 2.70 € (3.60 $)
  • eBay fee of 13 % on videogames
  • eBay insertion fee of $0.50 for each listing
  • Paypal international transaction of 3.9 % plus fixed $0.30
  • Euro / Dollar excange fee of 2.5 %
  • International shipping of €2 ($2.40)
  • Shipping folder: €0.15 ($0.20)
  • Shipping blue label "by airmail" (mandatory) of € 0.10
  • Gasoline to get me to the post office
  • Time and effort: € uncountable ($ uncountable)

Total costs for selling 10 CDs, individually: € 6.45 ($ 8)

Then the "Why the hell do you want to sell a software users can find online and download gratis?!" 1$ question:
<(davide)> [...] ebay is a vector of knowledge. what you list on ebay gets associated with other products clients look for. Then freeciv, like any other item on ebay, gets associated with customers' likes and ebay is leaned to show it to customers, getting them to at least know it exists. Also the listing appears in related searches, like by game genre or gaming platform.
<(davide)> then my objective isn't selling but getting it more known. Good if you download it or if you buy it
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