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How MediaWiki and Wikia pages are synchronized

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How MediaWiki and Wikia pages are synchronized

Postby Davide » Tue Aug 14, 2012 11:01 pm

Probably you already know, but I want a little in-dept overview of how wiki pages are managed on this Website.
The preferred Wiki website for old developers still remains the, which is a commercial website filled with very annoing ads.
The Wiki in this Website instead (Home section of the top-bar menu) runs on a MediaWiki database in a fast server. To keep this wiki synchronized with the changes made at, there is a very complex script running on server that constantly detects changes took to AND to the Website. The smart part is that BOTH changes are considered and are merged together (if compatibly) to form the new version of any Wiki page, which then replace the old ones. So, for example, a user can modify a Wiki page on the Website for what concerns just a paragraph, and another user, on, can modify another paragraph (or portion) of the same page. Both changes are valued and preserved.
In case the two guys change the very same portion of the page, the local Website revision of the section prevails on the other. In this case, no work is lost anyway as the Website (MediaWiki) holds a history of all the changes made to the pages, and users can restore or check any previous version.

This is how the synchronization looks like from my notebook:
Crawling and synching wikis
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