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Re: Avatars!

Postby Major Nimrod » Tue Mar 18, 2014 5:05 pm

Nice ! Yes I tend to agree, the art is a little too serious in the current iterations.

True that there was a lot of potentially sexist art that helped sell the game to the predominantly teenage male audience of the day, but looking back now I still like it and some of it is even campy. Now of course, there are more female gamers than before so they probably had to tone that stuff down, which is unfortunate I think.

Thanks for the link. I quickly looked it over and found a link to the oldest copy of Dragon magazine that I own, which is this one:

A true gem of a best-of issue, since there are great articles in there ... some of which were penned by the Great Gygax himself ;)

Speaking of cartoons, remember SnarfQuest and Wormy ?
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Re: Avatars!

Postby Davide » Wed Apr 02, 2014 12:12 am

In case you'd like slightly larger avatars, I've increased the max size from 90*90 px to 110*90 px.

Extending the vertical limit further above 90px would probably result in cumbersome layouts for those posts which are really short (1 or 2 text lines at most) where a tall image would unnecessarily enlarge the whole post frame. Rather, extending the avatars horizontally up to 110px should be harmless and the result should be cooler, considered that the aspect-ratio of most full-size pictures from which smaller avatars are derived are generally wider than tall.
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