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My top favorite videos on aliens and UFO's

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My top favorite videos on aliens and UFO's

Postby Milan » Sun Sep 16, 2012 10:09 pm

I might not make the best introduction to this compilation of links but I am sure if you have interest in extraterrestrial discoveries that you will enjoy watching these...

Another scientist who worked at S4 where Bob Lazar's story come from, a lot of talking, but some might like what he has to say (other parts of video are as followed at suggestions):

This is about Phil Schneider a man who said to be confronted at Dulce (underground base construction) in alien/human war part 1 (other parts you can roll from the right side of YouTube suggested videos): ... re=related

Area 51 and video leakage by one of the scientiest who called him self Victor: ... re=related

Victor 2nd and last interview in 2008 part 1, other parts are found right side at suggested videos

Dr. Jonathan Reed close encounter, this is his story video with an (bad) actor in it: ... plpp_video
These are Jonathan's actual videos of this event salvaged after surviving government torture and ridicule: ... plpp_video
Video of examining the alien corpse after he dragged it home. ... plpp_video
Eye motion he noticed later on video: ... plpp_video
Video of an alien artifact , bracelet like, called the Link:
Experts investigation presentation (it's a playlist, no need to chase other parts of this video): ... ature=plcp
This is channel for other Jonathan documentary videos:

Now all these take a lot of hours to watch but it's not about theorists you see in Ancient Aliens show (which is also interesting and quite possibly shaped our entire CIVILIZATION), I hope that beside comments, questions and discussions, others will also come up with some amazing stories with factual evidence backed by people of serious integrity.

cheers! :D
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Re: My top favorite videos on aliens and UFO's

Postby Davide » Mon Sep 17, 2012 11:28 am

The most interesting concept in the "humanistic" imagination of an alien society is the social class differentiation of the individuals, perhaps in a top-down rank, with a central big-brother ruling and giving dispositions to the inferior classes. We have supposed that if there should be some kind of alien being which happened to reach us in a "so far" and maybe exotic place, these have to be a kind of right-arm of a ruling power, or soldiers. This would be in analogy with our society, where execution of tasks outside the controlled borders is designated to the military. If we also suppose that such an alien society employes more advanced technology than ours, then it would appear incoherent for living beings to take active part in risky operations. Our governments already employ automatic weapons which don't require personnel on the field, and space exploration missions are performed by self-driving probes and rovers. So the hypothesis is that such living creatures reaching the Earth have to be more advantageous than machines, from the point of view of the leading member(s) of their society. And if technology is able to completely replace living beings in these unknown tasks, than the reason for preferring to use the latter could be cost. Borning and self-replicating ability must exist or have existed in any biological species which originated from the most simple form of life, in turn itself originated from the chaotic activity of the universe. Born a body under a controlled phenotype ("DNA") may be cheaper than manufacture an equivalent machine.
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