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Monamipierrot's picks

Good arguments you'd like to present and discuss, even if not related to Freeciv.

Monamipierrot's picks

Postby monamipierrot » Sun Mar 09, 2014 12:48 am

Hi, I'm going to post here some gaming alternative to Freeciv, with some comment. Each.

1. The Kerbal Space Program.
If you like open worlds, personal challenge as well as careful planning and creative strategy, you can't miss KSP.
IT is not a wargame, and even less a 4x game. It is just a incredibly realistic phisical simulation of a Space Program of Planet Kerbal, home of some little humanoids you have to help reaching their Moon "Mun" and other planets. You'll learn TONS of things about real-life space technology, physics of orbit and space traveling, and and and. All with "common" technology of today.
The Demo is perfect to learn some basics and decide if you're ready for the Program.
Be careful, though: to reach the Mun without destroying your space ship is a hard task to accomplish, while coming back to Kerbal, well, it is almost a dream in the 1st weeks of simulation. Other planets? The amount of planning and preparation of such a Mission is so incredibly complex that you'll need months of simulation to reach them, let alone building bases there.
I gave up after reaching the Mun and succesfully left its surface even if my little Kerbalians didn't get it safe home. Let me know your own space exploration stories!
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Re: Monamipierrot's picks

Postby monamipierrot » Tue Apr 08, 2014 2:57 pm

2. Stone Conquer (Android app)
The main concept of Stone Conquer is very simple. A map is divided in many poligons ("stones") of different size and shape.
Player starts owning one or more stones with some "points" (say, Risk armys). When you tap on a stone, it "sucks" 50% of points of all neighbouring stones belonging to you to it. If you tap on a enemy stone, the collected points will be cut from enemy points. If they were more then enemys, you occupy the stone.
Some stones "generate" points (making it similar to Civ cities) so the battle is for them.
I think it is over. This very simple concept draws to a very complex gameplay in which you have to think.
- very simple
- very intuitive
- too much simple!
- not maintained
- There's no turns or speed limitation and AI is VERY fast so the game pace is crazy,

This concept is so simple that I bet it does already exist. Anyone knows somthing similar?
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