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Other issue with civ/4x (or why civ is NOT a simulation)

Anything about Greatturn in general, not related to a specific match.

Re: Other issue with civ/4x (or why civ is NOT a simulation)

Postby Corbeau » Mon Nov 03, 2014 9:07 am

morphles wrote:Heh, and your suggestions is not complicated?

At least that was a conrete suggestion. You only suggested general guidelines. General guidelines are usually simple. Their execution usually isn't.

Adding random stuff, like thats fair.

With a number of terms, it should even out. What I want to avoid it calculating for points. Anyway, the whole point of your suggestion was to simulate the effect of ruling a country under more realistic terms. Well, knowing when your ruler will die is not very realistic.

You get fixed number of turns, in range 10-20, not probabilities, if we really want early death we might give king units, if you loose it you die no need for any probability stuff.

Stash your king in the capital, it is likely that he will live for as long as your nation lives.

Unles you give diplomats the ability to assasinate.

About how it is unfair, succession game, might be so that you only ever rule one nation one time in whole game (if number of players wishing to join is high enough)

So add more nations. Where is the problem?
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