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GT02 is over

GT02 is over

Postby Davide » Thu Sep 12, 2013 8:34 pm

The world of GT02 was cracking under all those nukes. Finally it is over.

The winners / survivors are:
  • Zeev: 962
  • Levi: 226
  • Wiw: 191
  • Monamipierrot: 168
  • JackSprat: 156
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Re: GT02 is over

Postby Major Nimrod » Fri Sep 13, 2013 4:10 pm

I can't wait to see what the final map looks like, especially after all that devastation :D

Congrats to all the "survivors" ! 8-)
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Re: GT02 is over

Postby monamipierrot2 » Sun Sep 15, 2013 2:43 am

I apologize I've been idling the last turns of the game.
Anyway, there was very few-to-zero chances to survive more than 15 more turns when I quit.
Moreover I had some problems with my job: anyway everybody know I fight till the last man in all the previous GT/LT games I played.

Let me say that the last invasion plan against Zeev was not a joke as he might had thinked. That ship was LOADED with 3 marines 1 spy 1 alpines and 3 ARMOURS. I had one nuclear and some missiles. The plan was to occupy a city with a Marine after a missile (or nuclear, if needed) bombing, and then spread on Zeev territory, destroying part of his industrial power and stealing techonology. The plan was to keep him worried for 2-3 turns, and after he was able to get back those key cities, we could already had fill the tech/industrial gap.
BUT... he connected RIGHT at the beginning of the action (say 30 seconds after op started?) and sanked my transport. :( I had abad reaction and I apologize to him.
I was that nervous that I started to waste all the missiles/nuclears but anyway: that D-Day was the ONLY opportunity for us and it ended in the bottom of the ocean.
A nuclear vengeance was the only thing I could do.
Good job Zeev, just one advice: next time, Largepox, so you can manage your empire without draining your 4 hours limit.

Re: GT02 is over

Postby Zeev Returns » Thu Nov 07, 2013 3:32 am

Sorry, been pretty busy, will be for about another year then might play another game.

Nuclear counts: I can recall hitting you guys with 6 then 2 then 1 then 5 then 1 nukes, then maybe 2-3 more in the next 5 turns (as I re-tooled my factories for more ground-troops to HOLD what I was about to take... ;-) The post after this was written WHILE we were playing, so it'll be more accurate.
and I counted you guys hitting me with 2-3 nukes ...but 1 of those was -- after you left, Pierrot -- Jack nuking my capital AFTER all was lost because:
1. I'd nuked Jack's transport coming toward my Capital City, then confirmed he doesn't have a 2nd transport,
2. I'd just begun to take cities on his Main Island (and you guys had left your cities empty, or with Musketeers at most)
3. Jack then kamikazied both his AEGISes into the hilltop city that defended my (inland) Capital City--which was also atop a hill: 3 MechInf's in each city.
Even if he'd succeeded, I had a new Palace under construction & could buy it before he even possibly can take my Capital, also no roads between the "city closest to his Transport" & my Capital, to give myself 1-2 turns (even if he could take the coastal city) to buy & transport more units into that (former) Capital City.
. . . Jack realized all was lost & quit after these 3 things happened all in 1 turn, then I learned by taking his cities that he had only Musketeers--if any defender, in each... so it ended approx 5 turns later after I took all your undefended cities & his lightly-defended cities & you guys had <3 Partisans near each city, so no "R.I.P." (too few Partisans for you guys to likely take back even 1 of these cities, though)...
. . . I was just using 5~10 "excess" Missiles each turn to "mop up" most of those the snow was creeping in & only made me lose ~3 population out of oh... 80 cities * approx average of 8~10 people per city...

The prospect of Jack taking the Capital (i.e. 50% chance of Civil War), IF my submarines & missiles had "missed" detecting his Transport+2 AEGISed (funny...I was expecting him to send a Transport from there, as I'd sent my own 5-boat Armada 2 turns before him, to "near the cities his Armada had left from"), actually scared me more than the below:

monamipierrot2 wrote:the last invasion plan against Zeev was not a joke ... That ship was LOADED with 3 marines 1 spy 1 alpines and 3 ARMOURS.

Ask Jack (or see my post "phew... a marathon..." in the "history book:
Jack had invaded that area 5 turns before you did, but he came with TWO full transports + an AEGIS & he took only 3 cities (out of my 80 or so) before I re-took those cities in 1-2 turns.
. . . then by the time you attacked (~5 turns later), you left me time to build back up to approx 125% of what I had when Jack invaded--mostly MechInf atop hills, so no, your 1 transport wouldn't be a "joke," but probably not "enough to even get a foothold for >2 turns" (especially as I took out your "2nd wave" of units in your coastal city north of where "A.I. Wiw" built on your continent...such a stupid A.I. LOL but my nukes flew over your mostly-empty cities, then I hit your city & saw a STOCKPILE of at least 7~10 units, I was saying "cha-ching, Vegas baby, I hit the JACKPOT!" LOL) because with your "3 armours on transport (better-quality units than Jack's Artillery/Cav's/Marines) but half as many units as Jack attacked with," I'd expect you to take approx the same (3 cities) as Jack's 15 weaker units (given your 8 stronger ones). I also lost (only) 5~6 units to kill Jack's 15 attackers...not kidding. So 3 Armour+supporting-troops is no problem, I'd have taken cities back in 1-2 turns even with those 3 Armours/etc. :-) I had at least 1 MechInf or 2 riflemen in all those cities--which were mostly on hilltops, plus 1-2 Missiles+2 Copter+1-2 Marines (mostly on railroads)+1 AEGIS to cover that "region" from MonAmiProVictoria to Trondheim. And even if that were to fail, I'm not beyond nuking my own cities because :lol: I'd have >75 cities remaining & you'd have ~25.
. . . This & hitting your transport before he docked (as you also did to mine a few turns earlier), are covered in the "forgot to post" post which I'll post in 2 minutes.
. . . as I told Jack 20~30 turns before the end: I'm just a bit like a cat who likes to play with his food before he eats the mouse... but you did pressure me into going for nukes before I could do a spaceship. :-) ...but I was still 60% tech (1 tech-per-turn only 500 gold) until ~10 turns before Jack & you left and I was building Stock Exchanges/Wonders in 2/3rds of my cities during the last ~5 turns, even as I was sure you guys had gone to 100% war-production; I just didn't feel enough of a threat to even increase to "war-production in 2/3rds of the 80 cities". :P 80 cities (with higher-tech army than yours...) versus 25 is like Rome vs Carthage: you can inflict some damage but it will be absorbed & repelled before you even take 5~10% of my production-capacity (cities). . . but I wanted to give you both a chance to attack me--to see your tactics (especially in the seas!), etc...whilst I purposely made NO spies the whole game to defend my cities (but can always give cities to my lower-tech partners to avoid MOST "tech leakage"--oh speaking of "tech leaks": Levi had embassy with Jack, I didn't, and Levi was new to civ, so he never told me Jack had the Great Lib...or else I'd go straight for Electricity earlier & stopped trading tech w/Levi).

monamipierrot2 wrote:I apologize I've been idling the last turns of the game... there was very few-to-zero chances to survive more than 15 more turns when I quit.

Yeah, I think you just saw "The End of Days" before Jack did. That same turn I began taking your cities--this is detailed in the post titled "forgot to post".

monamipierrot wrote:just one advice: next time, Largepox, so you can manage your empire without draining your 4 hours limit.

Oh, I would've been ok, except that I was managing 3x more units & cities than I would if Levi & Wiw had stayed. :-) I only "hit the limit" for 5~6 turns, because the Global Warming was happening (hence, re-allocating tiles, buying a few last OffshorePlatforms, etc -- as I _also_ was trying to get my own invaders (and defenders, as I got Mech Inf technology only a few turns before that).
. . . to swap advice: 1. Sending transport(s) on same turn or within 1 turn as Jack sent his 2 transports, approx 2~5 cities away from where Jack sends his = I can't detect & kill all 3~4 transports in 1-2 turns, nor buy units fast enough to "push back" so fast...then again you 2 were probably scared that, "If we wait to fill 3~4 transports, Zeev will attack us 1st"--which of course would be devastating with all of your EMPTY cities hahaha! (oh I could just SMELL the desperation as my AEGISes & nukes saw that you were putting ALL your units on transports & leaving 90% of cities undefended...but I wanted a spaceship...and you wouldn't give it to me. :-( awwwww.)
2. Smallpox to get more production-capactiy, at least until T40 or 16 cities on a map that size...because 4 hours-per-day or not, I think it'll win against anything but the "traderoutes trick".
Zeev Returns

Epitaph (last turns of GT2)

Postby Wolf » Thu Nov 07, 2013 4:33 am

Nobody has ever accused me of being short on words... :-D Sorry, this post was intended to be my last to the "history book" but I got busy with a backlog of things-to-do in "real life" for the last 2 months:

TITLE: Am Zeev JABOTINSKI veh (shehlanu) HaAm Ysra'eli chai!

I just hit the only other humans left with SIX nukes, then 2 on the next turn, then 1, then another FIVE & have EIGHT more in the next 4 turns as I also took 2 cities this turn (T164). They only had 20-25 cities when the fighting got heavy, compared to my EIGHTY cities. :-) I have some Copters and 2 Marines ready to take more cities next turn, with more in production...these guys left most of their cities EMPTY...I could just smell the DESPERATION as my AEGISes, then nukes, passed by EMPTY cities. :-) They went "full-retard": all attack, no defence (ok, to be politicially-correct: "berzerker," not "full-retard" :-) ). Now each city I take will stop "supporting" (KILLS) each unit if they have any in boats, on their way to trying to attack me, as ALL my cities are at least LIGHTLY defended ("light" by Israeli standards ;-P ) with tonnes of subs & a few AEGISes scanning the seas for their transports: they never even use an AEGIS to COVER their weakly-defended transports from my bombers/copters/missiles (DERP!); if they do, I might still have an AEGIS close enough to get them anyway...failing that: nuke the transports.

UPDATE: T166. Now I hold a total of 3 of Pierrot's and 1 of Jack's cities (well, gave most cities to my low-tech 'allies' to prevent technology-leakage if they take any border-cities back); I'll take Pierrot's capital next turn--looks like he stopped logging in yesterday as I took his 1st two EMPTY cities...not that it would matter even if he logged in, now. ;-P I still have >1/2 of my cities not producing anything for the war...just stock exchanges, etc--that's how far ahead of them I am; and I think every wonder they had was obsoleted about 20 turns ago.

I've waged eco-warfare by not building recycling centers/mass-transit/etc & letting my cities pollute -- because they didn't even have the "Miniaturisation" (Offshore Platform) technology yet; with that & nukes, their hills are polluted as all fuck and they can't get production/shields from the OCEAN as much as I do, because I began building offshore platforms LONG ago (yet Jack tells me he's got all his workers cleaning the pollution & so it isn't a problem: I fly-by his cities with my Nukes & Fighters often & that's a total bluff LOL... with his populations halved by each nuke I launched, it's not like cleaning 100% of his hills will let him produce as much as before I began to nuke him, anyway). Pierrot keeps trying to attack during the last hour(s) of a turn, hoping I won't notice & he can make a 2nd movement 10 hours later on the next day before I can react...but I caught him doing that, and gave Jack great losses when JAck tried it a few times approx 10-20 turns ago. Pierrot once caught me taking 1 of his cities while I was STILL logged in & he took his city back when only my Marine+1 other unit was inside his city (Barbera), so I did the same (logged in when he was online & surprised him) back to him 2x on the next 2 turns; he complained (practically cried like a teen girl :lol:) about me doing it to him & never apologized for doing it to me earlier, as though he has a "selective memory".

Now Jack has the same idea as I did (attack me from across the BIG ocean which I'm not defending myself as heavily against...except I'm 1-2 turns ahead of him & my troops already took a city on his Main Continent LOL; and for that I sent only 2 AEGISes and 2 sub's, with 1 transport...only 1/2-loaded because I see he's still using MUSKETEERS in the 2-3 cities I've nuked lmao (I have mostly MechInf) contrast, so far I only see 1 AEGIS that Jack's "sending" me. Now that I took this city near his AND Pierrot's capitals, I have the option of nuking-then-taking either capital next turn. But I just spotted Jack's AEGIS within 1 turn of my Capital City, maybe with a transport full of military behind submarines & 1 missile should take care of it next turn (an aerial unit spotted his boat...and they can't attack an AEGIS).

Clumsy AGAIN...mis-moved my Missile... now I have 2 options: nuke both his AEGISes or the transport behind them (just where I predicted it'll be ;-) ). Nuked transport. Next turn: Jack only gets 1 of my MechInf's in the coastal city nearest my Capital City (and wounded another), then sends a nuke to clear my capital, but both are "hilltop cities" and even if he had a 2nd transport on the way, he'd need to land, clear the coastal city of 2 more MechInf's (on a HILLTOP), then proceed with NO ROADS to my capital (by that time, I can replenish defenders in my capital). :-) Jack has no 2nd transport & declares he's giving up, as he has few cities left, so does his ally who'd quit 3~4 turns earlier.

Oleg destroyed by Jack/Pierrot because he was alone on an island with those 2 guys, I didn't meet Oleg till late in the game & it was as I was trying to manage irrigation/etc of my 2 allies who had "real life" commitments & left me all their cities...but I did say "That was for Oleg" upon decimating Jack/Pierrot with SIX nukes in ONE turn.

LESSON: United we stand, divided we fall. We realized early that it was 3 players + 1 idler on each continent--so we decided instead of attacking each other (as Jack/Pierrot attacked Oleg), Levi/Wiw/me (real life: American-Polish-Israeli) agreed to stick together & decimate the most powerful guy(s) on the other continent together. As written early in this "history book," I wasn't sure whether to trust Wiw near T40... but he honored his end, so I honored mine by keeping him (and Levi) in the winning alliance.

...and I ended with 2 nukes in reserve, plus the 22 launched. One must be prepared to adapt to any climate...even a Global Nuclear Winter.
' ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ '
(translation of title: "Zeev Jabotinski & our People of Israel can't be killed"! ZEEV J helped the Brits in WWI take Israel back from Turks who were allied with the Balkan Muslims, and allies of Germany who attacked UK in WWI. Fluent in 4 languages, he began as a journalist; after seeing "pogroms" (racist mass-murders / theft / etc) against Jews [and others] committed by both Muslims & Europeans for centuries, he decided the only way to avoid future pogroms was to have an independent Jewish nation with its own army as a "safe harbor" for whenever the next 'pogroms' are made...and we <3 our nukes, not only "virtual" freeciv nukes haha. Napoleon proposed the 1st modern Jewish state, "zionism" which means Jews' return to the land (only part of ancient Israel's original range, in accord with other natives throughout the world getting only a part of their original land back), then it was championed by Hertzel: if Hertzl was the 1st diplomat of (proto) Israel, then Jabotinski was the first General of (proto) Israel.
(Hertzl united Orthodox/Reform/Atheist/etc Jews, rich & poor, those who'd lived among & adopted European culture with those who lived in Arabia & even Africa [you'll find TONNES of all these cultures in modern Israel, plus some far eastern events/restaurants/etc, as Israel took in some Vietnamese refugees, Indians & Filipinos (big allies since they also keep getting attacked by Muslims), Chinese capitalists / defectors, Thai guest-workers...and now SUSHI is the latest trendy type of Israeli restaurant :-) ]. Napoleon/Hertzl/Jabotinski didn't yet know that those as dark as Africa's Lemba tribe and as light as Russian Ashkenazim are confirmed by _dozens_ of studies now to share Mideast DNA from a common ancestor circa 1000BCE ("Aaron"/the "Cohen Modal Haplotype") and Zalloua & Wells 2004 confirmed: it's not just Israelite but CANAANITE dna, as corroborated by John N Tubb & subsequent archaeologists...other families such as all those with the surname "Levi" also trace back to 1 family ca. 1000 BCE. ; Also built STONE HENGES & dolmens (more common in Europe) were built by Canaanites/Israelites in this region...but Indians, Lemba (and Ethiopians who are just early converts, not tied by DNA), Hispanics, etc are included as Israelis now, because Jews in diasporas everywhere have mixed with the non-Jewish populace.)

Hertzl was the "talker"/diplomat who convinced the UK to set aside some land for their Jewish allies--the "Jewish Legion" led by Jabotinski in WW1, many of whom settled in Israel after bleeding at both Galipoli & to kick Turki out of Israel (who was shitting on both Arabs & Jews) @ the Battle of Jordan Valley (the same way Jordan was a nation created for Grand Sharif Abdullah who also helped the UK in WW1 to boot Turki out, and thus got a land-grant: Jordan. So for SAME reasons (WW1) the Hashemites of Sharif Hussein & Jabotinski's Jewish Legion both earned their shares of the land by BLEEDING for it...yet no one protests Jordan's existence today. But then the Brits delayed forming Israel after Jordan/Syria/Lebanon were already formed...and in the 1930s the Brits renegged on their promise to Zeev's people by caving to Arab racist-rioters led by the Hitler-allied war criminal, Grand Mufti Hussayni--who was Arafat's mentor (the proto-PLO) and this Mufti also hated Sharif Hussein of Jordan (not only Jews...) so much that the Hussayni clan assassinated the Jordanian King's father & tried-but-failed to kill him when he was a little boy...enraged by jealousy that Jordan was created & soon an Israel would be (although the Brits in 1930's OFFERED to form a Palestine larger than what they have left today)--but unlike the Jordanian Hussein king & the Jewish Legion, the Mufti's men supported Germany, Turki's ally, and didn't feel like freeing this land from the Turks. Also as WW2 approached, internal UK documents now show that the Brits figured, even if UK appeased the Mufti's race-rioters, the Jews would still support UK in the foreseen lead-up to WW2 (and they did, called the Jewish Brigades), yet the UK attempt to win the Arabs as allies in WW2 failed, as not only Jerusalem's Mufti, but also the Muslim Brotherhood [yes the same Sunni group in Egypt TODAY, who Obama supports, despite that their "Ansar alSharia" branch attacked USA in Benghazi, & assassinated 2-3 Arab leaders for being "too secular," Obama still has these Sunni "Muslim Brothers" as APPOINTEES managing his White House], and ESPECIALLY the Bosnian Muslims...all supported Hitler during WW2, often even serving with an entire Waffen-SS division of Muslim-Nazis). But the Eastern Front in WW2 was 5x-10x more soldiers & deaths, and Russia had more (~5%) Jews than the West (not sent to concentration camps yet); the UK was correct about 1 thing, however: Jews became more likely to volunteer as soldiers in WW2 than any other group, whether in Russia or on the comparatively-tiny western Front... so approx 330,000 Jews died in Allied uniforms--better than dying in a gas chamber, but this is "another 1/3rd of a million" added to the death total). With the Brits+Jews+SharifHussein having done the hard work--pushing the Turks out (having been "useful" to the lazy Mufti, just as the Mufti's ally, Hitler, had the term "useful Jews" for those he allowed to live, the 1800's Palestine dictator Azzam Pasha also had Haim Farhi as his "useful Jew")--the Mufti decided it'll be easier to push out the Brits because UK respects human rights & won't brutally crackdown--unlike the 1800's Ottoman Turks whom the Mufti's men were afraid of, so the Mufti began a terror campaign against the "soft" Brits. This caused the Brits to reneg on their promise to set aside some land for a sovereign Jewish state, therefore many of the Jews decided that if this (terror) what the Brits REWARD, Jews must become even more "convincing" (i.e. more terrorist) against the Brits than the Mufti's men, and the Irgun--the largest group of Jewish terrorists, led by 1 of Zeev Jabotinski's proteges--besieged the Islam-appeasing Brits so viciously that the Brits needed to re-think their policy of appeasing the Mufti's Islamic terrorists (and today is famous for Maggie's refusal to "negotiate with terrorists"); what do you (UK in 1940s) do when BOTH sides terrorize you? Well, the UK fled this region (the part of the Levant known as the "British Mandate") and within a few years, allowed the U.N. to handle the next proposal of partitioning it into 2 states! The Jews also felt like "both sides" were terrorizing them because "those appeasing terrorists may as well BE the terrorists" and history shows that in 1400 years of Islam, to terrorize them BACK with atrocities of your own is the only thing that ever, in Islam's 1400 years, has SUCCESSFULLY ejected Islamic colonialists: as in Spain's "reconquista" against Islam, which took 700 years to complete [Israel=same, but took even longer] or India, which was 1/2 of its size today before Indians re-gained the momentum to "push back" Islamic invaders, or Serbia, where Slobodan Milosevic was demonized because in SELF-DEFENCE he brutalized Muslims after the world ignored CENTURIES of mass-murders/etc against Serbian Christians by Muslim aggressors...both before & after WW2, right up thru the 1980s-90s (USSR-installed dictator Tito was brutal enough to keep the peace in the Balkans, because even these former Waffen-SS Nazi-Muslims were terrified of him, but after he died in 1980, Islam immediately began subjugating & killing Xtian Serbs again, and Milosevic was only reacting to that when TODAY'S ex-Nazi groups like the Muslim Brotherhood convinced Bill Clinton to bomb the shit out of the victims--the Serbs who dared to fight BACK against Islam... and now Obama, like Clinton, actually supports these theocratic thugs of Muslim Brotherhood (Wahabi Sunni advisors in the White House, who've pushed him into aiding the Wahabis FSA in Syria...strange bedfellows, as Wahabi is the only sect to still allow slavery, and they're taking tonnes as they invade [colonize, more like] Darfur/Rwanda/Kenya/Niger), as well as 1 of Obama's earliest backers, as the next tape shows, is Khalid alMansour who said "cut off" body parts of white people "because God wants you to do it" @ 1:50 of: which also has Malcolm X's lawyer, Percy Sutton, explaining how he introduced Obama to this racist alMansour when Obama was around 18 years...they remained buddies, as alMansour served as a "bundler" for then-Senator Obama, as well as in 2008, maybe 2012--nice "(racist) violence in the name of God" company Obama keeps, after criticizing Pennsylvanians for liking "God & guns"...but I guess it's ok for Obama's LONG-time friend alMansour to incite racial violence in God's name...because he's a Muslim & not a "white hick" like Pennsylvanians ;-P ). Appeasing Islam will work about as well as the pre-WW2 "appeasement" of their old ally, Hitler, and for such a strong nation to be not just appeasing the radicals, but welcoming a Fifth Column into the White House, makes me think this will get worse before it gets better.

So, my nom de guerre: Zeev ("wolf") Jabotinski, the REAL WORLD "Hebrew Hammer"...although the movie of that same name was pretty funny.

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