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Rewrite the client using JNI/native code

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Rewrite the client using JNI/native code

Postby smershgerd » Tue Mar 10, 2015 11:28 am

I'm going to be very frank and offensive here: The android client is total trash.

CPython?!?! Pygame?!?!

I applaud the effort, but it's just asking for trouble. Frequent unprovoked crashes, ugly menu layout, unresponsive interface, no access to vital interfaces (spaceship launch), no way to configure the server, DropBox integration?!? (seriously? how about stability fixes first).

I've looked through the source repo and it's... well... ermm... broken by design. No TDD, no documentation, not really maintainable.

An android version was a nice idea, but right now it's just not usable.

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