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Random game shows "Loading" Then crashes :(

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Random game shows "Loading" Then crashes :(

Postby DenverDeCoY » Sun Mar 30, 2014 12:05 am

As subject states: Game shows "Loading..." then crashes, below is my more.log file, thanks for looking.

Phone: T-mobile G2 Android version 2.3.4

Code: Select all
on:1396133815520:Client is launching...
features:1396133815724:set_feature 'CivSyncAndroid/1109'
log:1396133815724:changing user agent to CivSyncAndroid/1109
log:1396133815789:features /data/data/
features:1396133815791:set_feature app.full_label_toggle_button 'False'
features:1396133815791:set_feature app.ruleset 'default'
log:1396133815791:Freeciv for Android 1.1.9
features:1396133815792:set_feature app.version '1.1.9'
log:1396133815792:running Android Unknown  (code=999)
log:1396133815799:zygote spawned as 3531
log:1396133816695:device dpi 240.0
mem_server:1396133821936:not running
gc_stat:1396133821936:counts=(697, 6, 2) garbage=0
mem_server:1396133827941:not running
gc_stat:1396133827941:counts=(561, 8, 2) garbage=0
mem_server:1396133834418:not running
gc_stat:1396133834418:counts=(324, 10, 2) garbage=0
log:1396133834516:Starting URLHelper
log:1396133836958:URLHelper finished
log:1396133838466:server args ('--Ppm', '-p', '3508', '-s', '/mnt/sdcard/', '-r', './data/default.serv')
log:1396133838467:zygote: starting server --Ppm -p 3508 -s /mnt/sdcard/ -r ./data/default.serv
log:1396133838480:zygote: server forked
log:1396133838495:server: In mgmain JNI_OnLoad
log:1396133838495:server: Python running
log:1396133838496:server: Creating video device
log:1396133838496:server: This is the server for Freeciv version 2.3.1
log:1396133838498:server: You can learn a lot about Freeciv at
log:1396133838524:server: 2: Loading rulesets.
log:1396133838527:server: 1: Could not find home directory (HOME is not set).
mem_server:1396133840429:not running
gc_stat:1396133840429:counts=(195, 11, 2) garbage=0
log:1396133841197:server: 2: AI*1 has been added as Easy level AI-controlled player.
log:1396133841231:server: 2: AI*2 has been added as Easy level AI-controlled player.
log:1396133841232:server: 2: AI*3 has been added as Easy level AI-controlled player.
log:1396133841233:server: 2: AI*4 has been added as Easy level AI-controlled player.
log:1396133841233:server: 2: AI*5 has been added as Easy level AI-controlled player.
log:1396133841288:server: 2: Loading script file '././data/default.serv'.
log:1396133841288:server: Ruleset directory is already "default"
log:1396133841289:server: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
log:1396133841290:server: All options with non-default values
log:1396133841290:server: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
log:1396133841291:server: In the column '##' the status of the option is shown:
log:1396133841292:server:  - a '!' means the option is locked by the ruleset.
log:1396133841292:server:  - a '+' means you may change the option.
log:1396133841294:server:  - a '=' means the option is on its default value.
log:1396133841300:server: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
log:1396133841319:server: Option                    ## value (min, max)
log:1396133841320:server: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
log:1396133841321:server: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
log:1396133841323:server: A help text for each option is available via 'help <option>'.
log:1396133841326:server: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
log:1396133841358:server: 2: Now accepting new client connections.
log:1396133841359:server: For introductory help, type 'help'.
log:1396133841359:server: >
log:1396133841360:server: 2: Connection request from player from localhost
log:1396133841361:server: 2: c1 has client version 2.3.1
log:1396133841361:server: 2: player has connected from localhost.
outwindow:1396133841973:Welcome to the Freeciv version 2.3.1 Server running at localhost port 3508.
mem_server:1396133846623:not running
gc_stat:1396133846623:counts=(210, 1, 3) garbage=0
log:1396133849279:Traceback (most recent call last):
log:1396133849280:  File "/data/data/", line 64, in _callback
log:1396133849286:    ret = getattr(callback, name)(*args)
log:1396133849287:  File "/data/data/", line 43, in crop_sprite
log:1396133849289:    surf.blit(img, (0, 0), (x, y, w, h))
log:1396133849290:  File "graphics.pyx", line 272, in graphics.CroppedSurface.blit (jni/src/graphics.c:5511)
log:1396133849292:  File "graphics.pyx", line 148, in graphics.Surface.blit (jni/src/graphics.c:2807)
log:1396133849293:SDLError: Failed to render texture

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