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Thanks and some suggestions

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Thanks and some suggestions

Postby Bobi » Wed Aug 28, 2013 6:34 pm

First of all, thanks for this great port of Civ on Android devices.
I am playing it on my Samsung Galaxy S2, and so far, I haven't noticed any bug. I really enjoy playing it, and there's only a couple of small things that could make playing much easier. Sorry if there is actually way-around for some of my suggestions and I didn't noticed them.

So, here are some suggestions:
1) Make enemy movements visible, or some alert when they come to my territory
(it happens to me that enemy unit kill my worker (or settler) just because I didn't see them approach (no alert). It doesn't have to be animated, or something... just quick jump on the screen where the enemy soldier is, or at least alert on the "information menu")

2) I would like separate screen for information (after the turns end), because if I have many "news", browsing becomes really hard, and I don't want to miss some useful information. Actually, I would certainly keep the actual bar, but I would add a separate screen to be used sometimes.

3) If it's possible, it would be nice to have research and trade treaty with AI

The third is not that important, and here's also some less important suggestions (I guess, you already have tons of that): automated worker, save game naming, animated movements, better UI for diplomacy (and also, more options for diplomacy), zoom in-out with two fingers... etc

Thanks again for reading, and I'll be back if I have some more suggestions.
Cheers to all. :)

Re: Thanks and some suggestions

Postby Bobi » Sun Sep 01, 2013 1:17 pm

I've discovered the answer on first question, so I'll post it here so someone could read it if it have same problems.
The "sentry" options allows units to activate when they spot an enemy units.
So, it's pretty different then Civ 3 (which I played the most), and "sentry" gives another strategic level to the game.

I've got another question:
I am playing at the novice level, and enemy naval units gives me a really headache, because they are attacking in huge numbers, and I can't even defend my cities that are one square further from sea (naval units can shoot those cities too). I think that naval units are really too much strong impact on the whole game, and even I build (and buying) same naval units, on one my units comes 3 AI naval units. I think that naval vs land units should be disabled.
Is there a way to make a map like a huge continent, without much sea? I never enjoyed (in any Civ version) playing parties with huge seas.
Is there any difference between Civ1, Civ2 and default rules on this matter?

Thanks and best regards

Re: Thanks and some suggestions

Postby Davide » Sun Sep 01, 2013 1:27 pm

No difference between the rulesets regarding water/land ratio.
To reduce water on map, try to set landmass to 15. Not sure whether Freeciv for Android provides this option via a graphical menu or if you have to type "/set landmass 15" on the textual chatline.
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Re: Thanks and some suggestions

Postby Bobi » Sun Sep 01, 2013 10:57 pm

Thanks a lot Davide.
Worked great, though value is not 15, but 85. 15 is smallest amount of landmass (I saw that after googling)

I cannot find what are the differences between rulesets (civ1, civ2 and default).
Does anybody know? Or some link?
Also, is there a way to make naval units not able to attack land units (just in case I want to play by default sea-land size)?

For the future release, it would be great if it is some delay between moves and camera jump to another units, so we are able to see where unit goes (I get slightly disoriented this way). And also, I think it's not very good idea that AI can attack new builded units, before player is able to do anything with it.

Maybe I can solve this small (personal) issues by typing different rules.

Thanks again, and cheers.

Re: Thanks and some suggestions

Postby ifaesfu » Mon Sep 02, 2013 4:02 am

I think you are mixing the questions about the freeciv android port and the freeciv game itself.

I don't know much about the differences between civ1, civ2 and default ruleset either. I usually play default one in the metaserver.
Anyway, see this link: ... ultiplayer

I guess you can't prevent sea units from attacking land units, at least not so easily as you can change the landmass :o
You need to research faster to get those powerful ships before the enemy or try another part of the tree to be able to build stronger land units.

Regarding the brand new units, it is a core feature of the game. When a turn starts, finished units are placed on their cities and then the movements of the AI or automatic movements of the human players are made. It is good when you have an empty city and there is an enemy near. You can finish producing a defensive unit to defend the defenceless city.
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