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Cossacks: must ride

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Cossacks: must ride

Postby xontastic » Sat Jun 15, 2013 12:43 pm

Before game:
I've tested corruption settings, and noticed that that city in distance 1 from capital would give
2sci, 1tax and no corruption with economy=3 in such city.

Turn 0:
There was a lot of nice resources, I decided to go 2 turns with 3 settlers and send 4th settler to unknown place.
Capital settled on buffalo with nearby wheat, fish and silk. Using silk to get more production and 2sci in capital,
1 worker was sent to irrigate wheat, but it's quite far.
Other 2 cities settled on river/wheat + shield + silk (using silk for now) and buffalo + whale.
(both very close to capital to get 2 sci in each one)
2nd worker sent to make road on shield to get 2sci there, and to change silk to shield then.
So total I had 6 sci, production 7 in capital + 6 production from other 2 cities.
Demographics report shows that some noobs are using already scientists ( I should be at least 2nd
with such science but I was about 4-6th), of course I had highest production
with 3 cities only (thanks to using 2 silks).

About 7th turn I created 4th city on wheat far away, started building settler there,
but at end finished trireme+horse instead settler. Researched pottery already.
In city created on wheat/river I bought granary and disbanded 1 explorer to get settler faster.
In capital I got 2 new workers fast.
Soon wheat was irrigated. Capital started building settler -> barracks -> horses

Hmm. Tested server settings once again, seems islands are very close each other,
changed researching tech goal from writing to horseback riding-> then mapmaking.
About turn 16 I had 7 cities.

About turn 20-25 first trireme with 1 horse went to Vampires, unloaded horse,
Their city was defended, so no free demolition :/
I couldnt afford war cause there was 3 more neighbours to scout, so
I demanded embassy for free and got it, but he has no any new techs.

Looks like Cornish are owning already 2 islands (probably got Polish island for free almost,
just guessed after reading chat and via demographics report)

About turn 30:
Found Amazonian with empty city size 3 :D, conquered it :D, got Code of Laws
Finished 1 more trireme and 2 more horses, they went to Polynesian, but
he had city also defended, so I demanded embassy for free and got it too.
Got some tech by exchange and sold some techs cheaply to them.

About turn 32:
City on river/wheat grew to size 4, bought library there and started using max scientists there,
starving it totally, getting Literacy and Republic very fast
Allied with Vampires to keep safe on that front.
Found 4th island near me, empty, and Turks near it, settling cities on 2 mountains there, before Turks.

Before Turn 40:
Researched Republic.
Amazonian bought my horse,I failed another sneaky attack against his capital
(destroyed their unit and emptied it , but my unit was killed by second horse
which their bought from me 1 turn earlier).
Also Amazonian failed revolting his city (lucky me, he had 80% chance of success :D),
seems they are allied with Spain and borrowed cash to do it.

Sold some techs to Turks.

After turn 40:
Turks wants to buy monarchy, Polynesian is finishing Monarchy,
exchanged Literacy+Republic for Monarchy with them.
Trying to sell Monarchy to Turks, but they want allianz ... ok allied, damn, I havent got any gold by it.
Amazonian destroying city owned by me.
I raptured 2 cities to size 8 just after getting republic, bought temples there.
1 city is set to max scientists, second to max taxmans, until I have
enough gold to buy second library ( both are heavily starving to size 4 and then raptured again)
Going for philosophy.
Got Philosophy, later engineering and King Richard Crusaders.
About turn 50-55 - raptured all cities to size 8.
Seems Maori ( Great Library owner) is allied with Cornish and Spanish - most dangerous enemies,
so I rush to get Isaac Newton College.
Got Isaac Newton College.
Lighthouse is obsolete, so Cornish has frigates,
Amaznonian got Magellan Expedition, no idea if they have Magnetism,
but Im buying catapults to defend cities,
and position them far from shore.
Bought 2 universities and got about 200 sci per turn, selling techs to everyone
who has more than 10 gold, and can pay anything.
Lucklily East Germans finished Marco Polo and bought all techs
(except Univercity and Theory of Gravity) for 200 gold.
Sold the same techs to Romans very cheaply (20 gold or so?),
but they are really badly backwards in techs.
I was going to Gunpowder and got invention already, but I decided
to stop Cornish expansion and changed goal to Steam Engine.

Seems Amazonian has no magnetism, cause I havent seen any frigate,
still no idea where Cornish/Spanish are. Looks like they are not allied with Maori
and dont have free techs from Great Library (info from Romans)
Getting some info about other civs from East Germans for techs.
Finished Steam Engine, got 4 ironclads by disbanding catapults.
Send them to get Amazonian to get Magellan Expedition.

Finished Gunpowder, by kamikaze attacks with 3hp ( I thought there are only hardly damaged defenders)
I lost 2 ironclads, but built 2 new and 2 muskets.
Killed then about 6-8 units in city with magellan expedition (mostly pikemans, some legions and workers).
Finally I conquered city with Magellan Expedition (I killed totally 12-14 units in that city,
he could defend successfully with frigates I think by killing damged ironclads,
but there was no frigates, luckliy for me, I stole Magnetism from them)

Amazonian got Gunpowder, but its too late for them, I have cannons.
( The Game became done/decided then, I rock in everything - production/science/units)
Meanwhile Turks got at least some success with their crazy goats attacks,
Bretons doing nothing, Vampires doing nothing, Polyniesian rapturing cities to size 8.
Allying with Polynesian.
[Demolition begins]
Destroying Amazonian, few turn later Russian, scouting a lot. I rock with 10 ironclads and Magellan Expedition.
Shared all techs (to elctricity) to all civs for free, except industralization and steel.
Cornish attacking with destroyers my cruisers and so on :D,
I have a lot of of veteran/elite cruisers/destroyers.
Conquered city with Statue of Liberty, changed to democracy meanwhile,
raptured a bit, changed to communism and demolition continued.
Conquering Hackers, got connection to Spanish.
Waiting for Marines. Eating Spanish, Maori, Cornish, everything what breathes.
Seems neither Spanish or Cornish were good opponents at end, easy conquer.
Got artillery andmore cities, I had 112 cities then.

Producing about 10 engineers per island.
No attacks until I get stealth figters+paratroopers+ howziters, allying with East Germans,
killing Polynesian, Turks, Vampires for idlying, Bretons and Vampires also for doing nothing :D
Turn 125: I start building spaceship, but after few parts I abandon that project
Turn 130: I got Stealth, selling all laboratories + univercities + libs
Turn 137: End, Romans died as last victim of Cossacks

Final Hint - I spent whole game on max tax + minimal lux or sci (except despotism),
highest science came from starving cities with universities and max scientists
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