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A Hole surrounded by War (History of the World War)

Write here your own version of the history! Keep your narration whenever you want: everything you post here will remain secret until the match has finished!

9th act: La Reconquista II and La Re-reconquista (T128)

Postby monamipierrot » Sun Sep 15, 2013 5:17 am

After some more battles a giant enemy surprise strike force broke thorou a newly built allied suplly route, reached again Antwerpen with more than a dozen troops and prepared for invasion.
This affected Nimrod’s disturbing (for Monamipierrot) self-confidence: he confessed he couldn’t sleep that night. Anyway Monamipierrot saw that the enemy didn’t learn from his previous mistakes: they didn’t give Antwerpen to democratic Spanish. For some reason, the price of a city with TWO active wonders was very low ($2500, a joke for Confederate banks), maybe because there were NO antwerpen units, and only units from other cities. AND for some magic, we could get rid of all their spies and also get ALL the units in the city, some of which with a few mps!!! This gave us the chance to use them to strike back with doubled strength, and we use the newly conquered units to enter the enemy territory like butter. We eventually reached Zaragoza and Barcelona, which were on the other coast.
But the invasion was meant to revenge against the enemy and we managed to do some big mistakes:
1 we didn’t homecitized Antwerpen units in conquered cities and Antwerpen couldn’t support them
2 many cities were left undefended
3 Monamipierrot left the turn with some 3500$ left
The enemy then reconquered almost all its cities looting hundreds of precious $
Again, the back and forth battles continued, but this time on Spanish ground: Antwerp was safe.
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The end

Postby monamipierrot » Sun Sep 15, 2013 5:17 am

It was now clear that the Hispanic alliance was somewhat like Germany at the beginning of 1945: still deadly dangerous but condemned to defeat by a superior - althou chaotical - army.
A few more turns of blitzkrieg-strikes-then-reconquering-by-enemy operations against some key spanish and cornish cities gave the final strike to the game: Ifaefsu declared it ended, encountering no opposition by perdedor.
A devastating war with countless military and civil losses (for all nations except for Confederate people, which never lost a homeland city) was over.
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Re: A Hole surrounded by War (History of the World War)

Postby Major Nimrod » Mon Sep 16, 2013 5:08 pm

A truly epic recounting of a fantastic game, indeed !

Monami, you should start writing a screenplay for a movie :)

In all seriousness, it was a pleasure playing as your ally. There were truly many moments of high drama, but I found our communication and use of the forums for planning & strategy-making was invaluable. It's true that I made some mistakes along the way, but sometimes you just have to take a chance in order to gain big. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Or in the ancient Roman saying, "Fortune favours the brave" 8-)

Three Cheers to The Stone Sea Alliance ! :D
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Re: A Hole surrounded by War (History of the World War)

Postby monamipierrot » Tue Sep 17, 2013 1:13 am

Yep, cheers to the Alliance!

Of course, I chose to let clear my point of view (criticizing you and pointing out bad moves of enemy). While re-reading my account I just realized that the reader might think that you were the nervous and fanatical newbie asking for some early action, while I was the wise senior guy behind ready to patch your mistakes.
Well, that's exactly my view! :D
Which is the truth? The historians will debate for centuries. :mrgreen:
I didn't mention in the account some of the tense moment between us, in at least a couple of moments when I was complaining for some of your moves and you felt annoied and manaced to quit the alliance :evil:

The truth is that I'm still mad about your unexplainable preference for those dumb Marines on the f****ng top of mountains and tiles away from the closest road, while perdedor's and ifa's nasty alpines didn't even pay attention to them while passing by (maybe I'm exaggerating but not that much). My friend, you're true: Creativity, Improvisation and Non-Conventional Thinking are always good in military strategy, but believe me: if God called marine troups "Marines" and alpine troups "Alpines", He must have had a really good reason.
There's also some economical/political choice of yours which I didn't like at all (above all changing to Communism while you could have used Bach under Democracy), and I still don't get the point of attacking idlers with marines from the sea when we had thousands of miles of border with them. Again, you do really love those fins'n'neoprene feticist muscular guys, don't you? ;)
But I have to admit that maybe some of your moves disoriented the enemy at least as much as they pissed me off.

The privee forum chats were not only useful to explain strategies to each other (to other readers: the main pattern was Monamipierrot carefully listing and detailing a bunch of future scenarios and then Nimrod choosing the craziest one :D ), they were also very useful for me cause to put dozens of ideas down to paper helped me to rationalize them.
I also have to point out your enciclopedical knowledge of Freeciv ruleset, which I largely didn't know, and your deep understanding of enemy behaviour which is something I have to work on. In the middle part of the game Perdedor and Ifa did exactly what you predicted, making it easier to face their threat. The world war was a different story, thou, and you have to admit that many times they took your units (and mine) for a fool.

It has been the very first time I could experience naval, airborne and modern warfare in LT/GT games, It is the 1st game in which I had more than 30 fighting units too (actually much more, althou not a massive amount) and the most important thing I learnt is that I still have to learn a lot.
I think I proved somewhat smart in the mountain warfare around Antwerpen: with my few ground troups I took care of keep communication routes open and isolate enemy, who used massive artillery/howitzer bombing as the main offensive tactic. But they also took great care on comm infrastructure and managed to bypass some of our heaviest fortified outpost (and jolly hiking marines :mrgreen: ) with smart maneouvres.
I have to admit that perdedor proved to be smarter than me in open sea warfare. If I eventually overcame him, it's largely because of tech advantage and a dedicated naval industry (producing ONLY veteran units).
But let me take for me (us) the prize for the best intelligence. We collected lot of info about enemy and I always used lot of military (expecially airborne: I had 3 AWACS) just to spy behind enemy lines (thing that I don't think the enemy did, at least not as much as we did). All the intelligence was always inmdediately shared with details in the Alliance. This was a huge advantage and proved to be vital in more than one battle.
I also took care of leaking false or inexact information to third-party players hoping that the disorienting chunk of info reached Ifa and Perdedor. My greatest effort in mid-game was to let the enemy think my seas were heavily patroled - while they actually weren't at all!

It has been a great pleasure to play with you (and the rest of guys) and the emotions of those last turns were priceless.

One thing has to be said to the best player, hands off: Davide. I bet he chose and/or edited the map, which was literaly beautiful, maybe the best map I eve sawy in a LT/GT game. Too bad we just enjoyed a small part of its potential (remember Oslo? and the Stone Sea? and the Archipelagos? wow!). If only there had been less idlers, and if instead of a 2x movement rate we had played with a 3x one, the World War would have been also oceanic!
Anyway, thanks a lot, Davide!!!
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