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Forum software upgrade

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Forum software upgrade

Postby Davide » Sun Mar 30, 2014 4:24 pm

I've patched the forum board software to keep it synched with the recent updates made upstream.
The most noticeable - yet little - improvement is that now the board's clock follows the international summer / winter time schemes. In Europe we just pushed the clock one hour forward, but in USA they switch the clock to summer time by about mid April. The board software now knows this, and it will autonomously adjust the clock for each individual user, so that timestamps on topics and posts will be correct.
Here's the menu to specify your own timezone which, for some impartial reasons, defaults to Rome for guests and newly-registered users. I do acknowledge that "some" of us may have preferred to set the default timezone to Montréal's, being it the center of the new and even ancient world ( :lol: just joking!) but anyway, mine is really an impersonal choice solely due to most of us being from the eurozone.

As for the upgrade, the phpBB software forum was upgraded from version 3.0.10 to 3.0.12.
The patch was a really big file which required manual fixings due to mods and custom code. All seems to function well, and several board's micro-bugs have been fixed by the upgrade, but anyway, keep me informed in case you spot glitches in the user interfaces or other weirdnesses.
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