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Game servers down ?

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Re: Game servers down ?

Postby Pietsch » Sun Aug 27, 2017 12:12 pm

Corebeau wrote:Yes, for a while now.

But if you want to play, stuff is happening at There is Freeciv Web Longturn available, although the bingo piggy website is complicated. But you can check it out on the forum there.

Are the servers down atm?
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Re: Game servers down ?

Postby Corbeau » Sat Sep 02, 2017 9:30 pm

Yes, for a while now.

But if you want to play, stuff is happening at There is Freeciv Web Longturn available, although the situation... is complicated. But you can check it out on the forum there.
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Re: Game servers down ?

Postby wieder_fi » Wed Sep 06, 2017 12:28 pm

You can also join the upcoming Freeciv game on

Here is a link to more traditional Longturn game with 23h moves and with more standard Freeciv ruleset. The game will start in less than 2 months so there is plenty of time to join it.

The game starting in less than 3 months is for those who want to try something different. There are lots of new stuff you can use or build. There are also limited empire sizes so that the game will not be that much focused on war. Instead the most probable outcome is the space race victory. All surviving players will be ranked with in-game score. has been running multiplayer Freeciv games more than 10 years and the games can be played by anyone who is interested building a civilization while interacting with real human players.

Re: Game servers down ?

Postby wieder_fi » Thu Sep 07, 2017 1:53 pm

Where did the comment about extrovert Finns go? I was just about to figure out a semi-smart answer to it :D

Btw... If someone here is interested, we can try to set up a game with more GT style features. The upcoming LT40 is slightly more GT style because it can't be (probably) won with only military might. You also need to improve your civilization :)

Re: Game servers down ?

Postby Corbeau » Thu Sep 07, 2017 2:29 pm

I removed it because I'm not sure anymore what you northerners may consider funny and what you may consider offensive... better to be safe than funny :P (You know who I'm referring to, I believe :) )

Sorry for being sorry :P

Ok, to put it back, the comment was:

Oh! An extrovert Finn! STOP STARING AT MY SHOES!

Now the funny answer, please :)

About the LT40, it has the main point that I learned to dislike recently: allied victory. It may be cool in some cases, like when there turns out to be a world war or something, but otherwise, when the game ends, I'm not really interested in "winning" or "losing". I want to check how my individual civilization fared against all others, including my allies, which are also my competitors, only in a different way: non hostile.

The problem with LT is that the games are scored through alliances and then alliances are put together by the interest-in-winning principle. What will most likely happen in LT40 is that people will gather in alliances that will aim to build a spaceship and then they will attack other alliances in order to prevent them in doing so. Nobody will be interested in coming in second because there is no "coming in second", there are only winners and losers. Also, it's likely that at least some side-nations will be destroyed for territory, even though there is a size limit, because the alliances will want to ensure their chances of winning.

Maybe I'm being too picky and too peaceful, but I am yet to finish my first longturn game where a major alliance will *not* swallow everything they can in order to "win". Which is how I play Warcraft, not multiplayer Civilization.
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Re: Game servers down ?

Postby wieder_fi » Thu Sep 07, 2017 3:36 pm

Well yeah, I think it's quite funny because that's how it goes too often here :)

My semi-funny answer might have involved a question about how someone has been able to buy such nice shoes but being too afraid to ask about it. Something like that actually happened in the past :) As you may have noticed during your visit to Finland, lots of people are just staring into distance and pretending never to notice anything that's going on...

About LT40.

We can make it anything that's fun to play. I was actually thinking that there will not be allied victory after all. LT39 will have that and since LT40 is going to be a game with lots of new stuff and kind of experimental settings, there is no reason why not make it also a game about space race or something different than just winning the wars and the race about production.

With just one "winner" there is really no reason to form alliances wiping out everyone else. At least that's what should happen. I was thinking that the players would be ranked with the in-game score and even the space race winner needs to take care that he/she will have enough score if he/she wants to be number one score-wise.

The current settings for the map include 900 land tiles / player and with citymindist 6 there should be space for about 30-40 cities /player. That's because you can also build on the coastal areas utilizing the oceanic tiles. With few idlers that number should be even higher. With empire sizes 25-35 cities it should (should:) become really hard to create an empire with 50+ cities. Shakespeare's will allow you to exceed the empire size limit but even with that there should be a serious hit to production if you don't build city improvements. In any case there shouldn't be that big race for land. Maybe a race for better locations and some special resources but everyone should have enough room to build a reasonable size empire. This is super different compared to regular games where you practically need to conquer someone in order to get enough resources for winning.

Killing other players for ensuring top positions on the score list is of course possible but it should be a slow process since the attacking player needs to disband the conquered cities because of the city limits. We can create settings to make this harder but preventing it from happening is probably not possible. As usual, some players will even keep some of the cities completely empty or poorly defended and that makes it easy for the enemy. The limited vision for empty cities is one thing we have for encouraging people to keep the cities occupied.

I see the wars on LT40 as a tool to distract other nations. Someone might want to conquer some specific cities in order to cripple the economy or the research from someone else but that should be it. Using nukes will probably make it possible to really hurt others, but that's kind of the point with nukes. It was suggested that the palace city could be protected from nukes before the actual SDI is introduced but this has not yet been added to the game. Do you think it would make sense for improving the game play even while it's not 100% realistic? Then again 100% nuke proof SDI is also not that realistic.

The chances for civil war are also greatly limited. Even with the "worst" governments you only have a 45% chance for that and with demo the chance us just 10%. LT40 also includes a small wonder (Underground Tunnels small wonder) people can use to double the defenses of the capital. And since the capital can be built on a mountain with a river, it will be a super fortress. Hopefully not only defended by a single green warrior :D

If you have additional ideas about how to make LT40 a game about civilizations and not just a war game, please let me know. The introduction of new units is greatly limited by the available sprites there are for the vanilla client, but we can add buildings or adjust the values for current units/buildings/stuff.

Re: Game servers down ?

Postby wieder_fi » Thu Sep 07, 2017 3:54 pm

Here is the updated description for LT40:

"A game with a limited empire size. Lots of new city improvements and some new units. Tech trading is possible with diplomats and spies. City trading and gold trading are available. Allied victory is NOT possible. Single player space race victory is the most probable way of ending the game. Conquest victory is possible but extremely unlikely with 1 winner. All surviving players will be ranked with in-game score."

LT40 will start in about 10-11 weeks. People can joint to the game now and confirm the participation 14 days before the game starts.

This should be something very different :)


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