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From Bissau to Mocambique

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From Bissau to Mocambique

Postby XYZ » Sat Mar 08, 2014 3:16 pm

- alliance with the Belgians (natural ally)
- Natives killed in the hinterland of Angola
- Consolidation of Mocambique
- Preparing plan "R"

---Capital is directly at the border to the Boer Republic. Will move it as soon as possible
---Bisao is completely alone in Western Africa. Expect it too loose to the British, though trying to do as much damage as possible.

---Trying to conquer following territory: (See Mapa Cor-de-Rosa)

-British are down. It looks like we are the lucky winners of that situation. But I now fear Germany packting with the Boer Republic. I have to unite Angola and Mocambique to create facts, the territory is still contested, despite some efforts destroying Salisburry (Welsh now) and clearing some of the path. (See picture Eastern Congo)

1901: (A new century: may the old world be the new world...)
-Native city destroyed. Hope to destroy all their villages in the coming turns.
-Moving the capital from Mocambique to Angola for safety reasons.
-Germans are putting the pressure up.
-Boers look threatening, would have conqered Pietmaritzburg but don't want to discourage player. He also can put some pressure on the Germans though it is more likely that he is doing the contrary and pacting with them.

-railway links in Mocambique and Angola almost completed; path to Belgish Congo in about 2 turns ready.
-Killing a slave trader hasn't brought the expected cash reward...
-To slave trader musketers killed
-Hopefully found the last Botswanan city. Not sure wether to wait and capture it or destroy it before it gets into enemies hands
-Destroyer lost by British cruizer, they seem recovering.
-I still can't and will in short term bring the former Rhodesian territory under my control. 2 cannons and 2 cavalry are merely enough to protect Mocambique -can't afford to loose them.
-The former Rhodesian railway is in an anarchic state, all sorts of strangers use it and visitors drop by.
-The years are passing but technological progress seems absolutely absent on this continent. Still, investing in tech is expensive, specially if you can snatch it very cheaply by just stealing it.
-Maybe in a few rounds I can use Sao Tome as Uboot base to go hunting for enemy vessels. It has growth and good strategic value.
Portuguese Africa.GIF
Starting postion
Eastern Congo 11.03.2014.GIF
Eastern Congo
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Re: From Bissau to Mocambique

Postby XYZ » Sun Mar 23, 2014 12:42 pm


-Native Grimetown taken. All Natives in the area are dead.
-Workers lost by the last troops of Tipu Tipp. They used German territory to launch their attacks.
-Tipu Tipp offers peace wich means he is finished
-Two Boer scouts killed because they were blocking railways. Boers protested harshly but finally accepted.
-Bisau changed for Gabun. It was impossible to hold it against a possible French invasion. Though I could have disbanded the worker and the cannon before. In numbers the French made the better deal.
-Angola is flourishing.
-Tipu Tipp dead. Killed by a Belgian punishement expedition. Workers and engineers should be safe now.
-German command change is luck for us, all forts are being abonded and the land between Angola and Mocambique can finally be connected and colonized. The empty forts of Tipu Tipp and the Germans are a helping tool controll the area.
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Re: From Bissau to Mocambique

Postby XYZ » Sun Mar 30, 2014 1:03 pm


Northern Africa:

The Ottomans seem have lost their capital leading to a hellenic uprisal. That is no immediat danger for us but in the longterm nobody in Northern Africa can oppose the French unless all those different factions work somehow together -wich I doubt very much. The Belgians and us are in no position to help in the North.


-I'm consolidating the last free land in Southern Africa to get a clear border with all 3 neighbours. About 3 more towns and the area seems under control. The Welsh are a spine in my territory leading to high defense costs due to a bad defense/surface ratio but the peace with them allows me to man the front cities poorly. A war would have been an option but would have cost me money and sympathy of the other neighbouring leaders (I need them against the French in the future). So I stick with Bismarcks advise.
-The economy is in good shape and the population is rising and rising an overheating was even feared but a switch towards economic growth is solving the problem.
-The Belgians have attacked the Germans and taken over an important city at lake Malawi. The advancement had been slowed down by German troops coming from German-West-Africa that wandered through my territory but they seem to either been killed or escaped to the G-E-A. Also a last missing railwaylink is slowing down the operation. The usual route has to be bypassed since the German hold the territory in guerilla manner.


-I should complete the border settlements in a half a week.
-Mocambique has to be maned with units to prevent a French amphibious attack.
-Factories have to go online to provide me with enough production.
-More railways have to be build in forest areas to increase productivity.
-A few banks and stockexchanges in my 3-5 key cities and the economy should run itself.
-When all those requisites a fullfilled nothing should stand in the way to attack GEA.
-Attacking GSWA will be delayed to not provoque the Southern neighbours.
-An attack on German Cameroon seems tempting due to the low populations density and shortness of the war but the jungle makes deployment difficult and other fronts urge more.

-The economy is in good shape and the population is rising and rising an overheating was even feared but a switch to gold is solutioning the problem.
Mocambique and German East Africa 30.03.14.GIF
Mocambique and German East Africa
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Southern Angola
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Re: From Bissau to Mocambique

Postby XYZ » Sun Apr 06, 2014 3:23 pm



-Marocco is conquering Spanish Marocco step by step -hopefully they can build up some resistance against the French once they clash.
-The French are creating precedents and taking over the whole southern part of Western Africa. A clash between them and the Belgians seems unavoidable and soon.
-Reconnaissance mission in Madagascar for a future invasion completed before the Great War starts.
-The Boer Republic seems to be in war with the British.


-Scottish troops are meddling around but pose no threat.
-The Belgians are making progress in GEA thanks to my non-military assistance.


-Economy hubs are providing enough gold to finance my factories.
-Mocambique is growing thanks to fertil land and newest aquisitions in agricultural technology.
-Coastal defense strengthened in Mocambique and Sao Tomé.
Western Africa (Eastern part).GIF
Gulf of Guinea
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Re: From Bissau to Mocambique

Postby XYZ » Mon Apr 28, 2014 4:12 pm



-A change in the Welsh leadership forced us to secure their Southern Rhodesian exclaseves Bulayo and Kalomo in order to keep peace and order. A return to Welsh rulership will be negotiated when the governement is restored.
-The Marrocoan people had to accept the complete occupation of their territory after having bravely fought. The French material and economical superiority left them with no chance. The last fighting forces were killed in an uknown location in the Saharan desert in the 1940'ys
-The French forces continued their campagne in Norhtern Africa overruning every enemy that came into their way. Not even the the historic event of launching a nuclear bomb on their capital on Madagascar had no effects on them.
-Although the French are close to the Belgian borders near Cameroon the fight didn't start before recently. The jungle makes the fights difficult but the new advanced flight technology changed the parameters. The Belgians started to pillage the territory to make the advance as difficult as possible.
-The Greeks suffered from a cypriotic uprising.
-The Congo Conference invoked by us helps to bring almost every state under one umbrella. But besides some sporadic coordination not much has happened. The whole defense against the French invasions is being coordinated on a national or binational level. Let's hope that with more urgent the cooperations grows.
Congo Conference
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Re: From Bissau to Mocambique

Postby XYZ » Mon Apr 28, 2014 4:24 pm

Recent War 1950s


-In order to help our Belgians Allies also actively we launch our own nuclear attack on the French capital and although the following amphibious attack was a success we didn't manage to our strategic goal to cause a civil war in the French lines.
-After the French counter attack only 1 city with one tank was left from 3 conquered city. The original manpowe was 5 tanks (2 uprageded cav), 2 artilleries and one rifleman. The destroyed city means some economical backlash to the French forces. At least 120 gold could be looted before the city was destroyed.


The war is still far away from our cities but strategic blocking with bombers and the following boming of a French cruiser near Sao Tome makes the war come closer.
Madagascar after French Counterattaque.GIF
Bombers being prepared
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Re: From Bissau to Mocambique

Postby Major Nimrod » Mon Jun 16, 2014 5:05 pm

Great pics. Nice work !
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