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Rpg elements in 4x game, gimmicky?

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Rpg elements in 4x game, gimmicky?

Postby morphles » Thu Mar 20, 2014 9:24 pm

For some fun I was reading ... vilization, and remembering what little experience I had with civ 4 (which is very very tiny, maybe 5 hrs at most) still got to know its advancement system, and after reading that page I'm, even more, leaning towrds calling such things as gimmicks that hurt the game. I would almost say that veteran levels past 2 or 3 might be stretching things a bit. Though I rarely give exp much consideration in freeciv, special powers like in civ 4/5 seem to promote needles micromanagment. What do you guys think about such things? Maybe many people like it, and it need to be pitched to freeciv devs?:)
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